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When Sam can’t go home right away, she and Heath have time to get acquainted.

Put on your red hats and plenty of attitude, and spend a hilarious, heartwarming read with five fabulous women. As in The Red Hat Club, these irrepressible heroines face the challenges of friendship in sickness and in health, with heart and indomitable humor.

He had a tendency to trust people who behaved in a very cordial fashion, and he trusted too quickly.” Friends say Merrill became somewhat reclusive in his last years, spending much of his time fixing up his house on Jenevein Avenue.

But for now she urges people to exercise caution before visiting someone they meet on the Web.

IF YOU GO: The memorial service for Raymond Merrill will be held Saturday, March 24 at p.m. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 1600 Santa Lucia Ave., San Bruno.

Merrill’s death at 56 made headlines last fall after Brazilian authorities and the FBI connected his disappearance with a burned corpse they had discovered.

A woman Merrill had met online and traveled to Brazil to visit faces trial for her role in an alleged plot that involved drugging, robbing and finally killing him.

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