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One of the most important manuscripts, P The reference to Paul as “our beloved brother” in seems to support Petrine authorship.

This was not the normal form 2nd century church fathers used when referring to an apostle.

Brevard Childs illustrates that he has adopted this idea when he says, “Moreover, the reference to Paul’s letters indicates that the effect of the canonical process was already at work.” One problem with this argument is that it is based on assumptions.

First, it assumes that the author of 2 Peter was referring to all the letters ever written by Paul.

The reference to Paul as “our beloved brother” in is especially interesting because this is not the typical reference a second century church father would make of an apostle. Each criticism will be explained and then examined as to its validity in order to determine if it is based on provable fact or assumption. 37 1 Peter says, “Through Silvanus, our faithful brother (for so I regard him), I have written to you briefly, exhorting and testifying that this is the true grace of God. There is no external evidence prior to Origen indicating that Peter wrote 2 Peter. Conservatives say this has serious ramifications for the doctrines of inspiration and inerrancy. We also have Paul’s words in Galatians , Colossians , 2 Thessalonians and Philemon in which he states that he is writing that section with his own hand. Perhaps someone was circulating letters in Paul’s name and to counter this he signed them himself.The critics, on the other hand, claim this was standard procedure and therefore not dishonest. There are only two known examples of pseudepigraphical letters that fit the epistolary format (Paul’s letter to the Laodiceans and 3 Corinthians), but neither one of these was accepted into the canon.

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