Playing hard to get online dating

Be careful here because if you are looking to play hard to get via text, you can’t seem like you have too much time on your hands. In other words, don’t shoot off two or three text message in a row before he’s even replied to your first one.That’s just a totally turnoff any way you look at it.Talk about kicking the game up a notch or two fast.This is important in any sort of relationship but especially when you are playing hard to get to land a man.Even people sitting beside one another will resort to texting instead of talking! Texting as you know is the number one communication mode in our world today. But the issue with texting is there is so much miscommunication that it often causes more harm than good in a relationship.That said, it makes sense to learn as much as you can on how to play hard to get over text.

Here today, gone tomorrow sometimes, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Sitting around waiting with our phone in our hand for that, “bing” to let us know a new text message has arrived. The time has come for you to stop playing defence and go on the offensive side.

Just because it takes a bit of time for him to reply to your text, doesn’t mean you should get all wound up about it. And if you start questioning him all the time and asking him where he’s been and why he didn’t answer your text message faster, you’re going to kill the ‘hard to get’ card.

Instead, you will flip the switch to needy and that’s going to make him run far and fast. If the guy you want to chase you isn’t chasing you, then you need to ensure you have a Plan B in place. Well, you need to understand if he isn’t biting, you can and should move on.

If you are capturing a man’s attention it’s important that he sees you are real.

To do this, you need to talk about the things that interest you.

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