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Gemma: but I don't want to be a Pleasurebot.......please make it stop...... You see the virus is making a few adjustments to your program. Anyway you liked pretending to be a dim-witted sexbot so much, I thought it would be fun if you didn't have to pretend anymore, Gemma: What.... Frank: The virus is already altering your program, soon you'll be nothing more than the ditzy Pleasurebot you pretended to be.

I programmed for sex.....would you like to fuck me now?

After breaking in, the guy enjoys seeing Bunny Colby masturbating in the shower.

We see her big tits and nice ass before seeing her get rough up and taken to the couch where she is tied up.

Deliberately causing herself to malfunction just enough to be convincing, she then yanks the wires loose at one end leaving them protruding from her cleavage.

She lets out a slight gasp as her back arches and her eyes widen.

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