Poem about internet dating

In a release about being careful about internet-based dating , police spokesman Officer David Hartman also included a poem he penned on the issue.

The poem’s title is: “Beware The Online Date” and it notes that it is a composition by Officer David Hartman: The love you may seek just might come with a price From a criminal element well-seasoned in vice Should you trust a match-maker from the “the cloud” up above Or rely on tradition to truly find love?

The NHPD allows folks to use its headquarters as an internet purchase exchange location and noted “daytime exchanges are better than nighttime.

Public locations with lots of pedestrian traffic are great.” In other tips, NHPD urges that people: 1.

“Typically, someone signs up for the service or downloads an app. Although it should be obviously risky, those victimized will agree to meet at a date’s home — something discouraged by the on-line sites and police.” In an example of such a scenario, police noted that “Instructions to a recent victim were to park on the street, walk up a darkened driveway of a darkened home in an unfamiliar neighborhood in the middle of the night and wait for further instructions.” The outcome?

“Those instructions ended up being, ‘Give me your money, car keys and phone,’” the release said.

“Such robberies follow the similar, years-old, rising trend in internet purchase crimes. Tell a friend where you’re going and remain in touch until you’re certain you’re safe. Don’t carry large amounts of cash and leave valuables at home.

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Thank you to my teachers and friends at PBS Radio, especially Ardavan, Allison, and Ghina who gave their kind feedback. I could try explain with my technical writer hat on, but then that feels too serious.

All I know is that you’ll never have a perfect online dating profile, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Also, how you write your profile will change over time as your life experiences change.

Part 2 (Time stamp ) – how the studio recording happened, how I once fell for a guy with bullet points in his profile and why I think writing a dating profile teaches you unexpected things about yourself.

I’m part of a radio training group and I’m learning how to create stories for radio.

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