Point blank problems during frost updating no scam dating

These dealerships are worse than the raggedy Dodge Journey.Fast forward to speaking to Chrysler customer care, suggested that I have the car towed from Lake Norman BACK o Rick Hendrick Dodge and the ONLY way I can get my head gasket fixed is to let them do a tear down and if they pin point the issue that caused the head gasket to blow they will fix it IF it's an issue that's under warranty.But the temp hose is not under warranty, Told a tear down by Lake Norman would be 00-00.

I thought it was a battery issue so I called road assistance to get a boost.

***Mind you car had been parked for two days, because we were spending the 4th at home.*** So as I pulled in to my house the car started smoking, the temperature light came on and went back off, I was already home (thank God) and the car just shut off.

So I tried to start it, and nothing but smoke the car would not come on.

Maybe Dodge should buy everyone who has these death trap cars different ones cause now I'm stuck with this car and I do worry about my safety. If I didn't have a master mechanic as a friend I would be out thousands in repairs. As of 2/22/2019, I will have had this car for a year.

I have replaced alternator, starter, and now looks like rear differential. Over the last 4 or 5 months, I have found that I am having to jump start the car every morning.

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