If such profit is indicative of demand, than someone’s lying.Here are 25 shocking facts about porn you probably didn’t know.Ok this is embarrassing as hell, but I’ve lost over 40lbs so far as well as most of the self-loathing, anxiety, and stress that caused me to gain the weight in the first place. And your story is what inspired me to finally try this… HF3yu So here’s my 3 week transformation.May not seem like a lot but I’m 110% happier with how I look now than I did before.🤪And it's all thanks to you because you motivated to try this program and now I realize why everyone's been talking about it!!🙌🏻I'm seriously so thankful for this, you changed my whole life! Yau UGYt S Just started doing this too!!Many performers are not so fortunate, and trust me, there are no moisturizing benefits to Purell. The director may want you to whip off your clothes and shoot the blow job first, then throw them back on, fix your hair and makeup, and shoot the introductory dialogue.Which basically means you're having oral sex with someone before greeting them verbally.


” In hindsight, the fact that visions of cavernous vaginas now regularly appear in my dreams seems worth it, given all that I’ve learned. Before researching, if you mentioned ace of spades, one thing came to my mind, and one thing only: the lucky beginner in a game of BS. Since male porn performers get paid significantly more for doing gay porn, many straight men will now do gay porn for the money. The real gay porn performers out there typically hate this trend and dread the day when they are paired up with such a man. Just as men get paid more for doing gay porn, so do women.

😭 If you not dating to marry, then what is you doing🤨All that jumping in and out of relationships, breaking up to make up, cheating and lying about petty shit been dead! You should be trying to grow old with the person you love, not breaking their heart constantly One of the best decisions I ever made was to put my pride aside and finally try this and it’s literally been the most amazing experience I’ve ever had!

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your motivation and support💪🏻💕Your story has changed my life forever!!

Additionally, directors will frequently freeze the action if they want to get a tighter shot — doesn't matter how much you're enjoying yourself or how close to orgasm you may be.

For men, this is the worst, as they have to keep erections up despite the constant stopping-and-starting. Asses are assets in the porn industry, and they're treated with the same meticulous care, consideration, and maintenance as an expensive foreign car.

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