Potassium argon dating false

In order to do Potassium/Argon dating there are some assumptions that must be accepted as true.

potassium argon dating false-25

"Corrections can be made for nonradiogenic 40Ar present in the rock being dated.

Thus, there should have been no loss or gain of potassium or 40Ar*, other than by radioactive decay of 40K.

Departures from this assumption are quite common, particularly in areas of complex geological history, but such departures can provide useful information that is of value in elucidating thermal histories.

"The parent nuclide, 40K, decays at a rate independent of its physical state and is not affected by differences in pressure or temperature.

This is a major assumption, common to all dating methods based on radioactive decay; the available evidence suggest that it is well founded (Friedlander et al., 1981).

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