Pregnant after 2 months dating

I would like to work things out with my Ex GF not just for the sake of having a child but because I love her very much..

I feel like a **** cuz I'm too nice and feel as if I do not want to stress her out and make things harder on her during pregnancy...

I don't know anything I can to help me mentally or help me how to deal with being pushed to the side while she tries to take care of this baby....anyone? Hey dude I would like to help you but I would like more information like why did you break up in the first place. My advice would be to text her asking how she's doing and how's the pregnancy. Show her that your not going to give up and that you are thinking about her.

Well i think when she found out she was pregnant she got scared and decided to end it and we are actually on speaking terms now and the baby is a BOY!!

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Since you've jumped over several steps of dating and vetting, it will be very easy to settle into family life and forget to take time for you guys as a couple.

We have been together for a year and 3 months and we plan to get married in a few years :) I got preggo like 3 weeks after starting to date my now husband.

It was hard, and we've had nothing but bad luck and hardships but we're still here going strong.

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