Problems updating itunes on windows xp

I wasn’t able to find i Tunes 11 for my 64-bit system, so I went ahead and got i Tunes 10.7 – anything is better than version 12 right?Now just go through the steps to install the new (I mean old) version of i Tunes, including giving i Tunes permission to install on the .Well, there’s some good news if you do use i Tunes and can’t stand the latest version.It is possible to uninstall i Tunes 12 and downgrade to an older version on Windows. Uninstalling the monstrosity is a simple task, but there are multiple parts you must uninstall.If you can't install the updates, just go to the Microsoft Windows Update website.For running i Tunes correctly, you should make sure you get the latest i Tunes version.Go to After uninstalling those items, there may be some clean up to do to be sure all the remnants of i Tunes left behind by the uninstallation process are gone.Apple details what to check for and delete to make sure i Tunes is completely removed from your computer. Reboot your computer after carefully following all the steps to uninstall i Tunes. To its credit, Apple does offer the ability to download older versions of i Tunes for Windows and Mac.

But when I tried the same steps on a Windows 7 32-bit system with version 11.1.5, I received a different error that I will need to deal with – but that’s a separate issue.I recently wrote a story about the availability of i Tunes 12 for Windows, but according to your feedback, it looks like most of you hate i Tunes 12 more than any other version to date.i Tunes, in general, won our Worst Software Ever award, and it looks like version 12 would have no problem winning it again in a landslide victory.Take Tunes Care as the example, it can help you fix all i Tunes errors like installation, sync, upgrade, restore, slow performance, etc.After trying all solutions mentioned above, you could contact Apple support team to help you fix the issue.

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