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The 56 year old Putin, according to , has been seen kissing the young woman at a restaurant and the world leader plans to marry his new love after he steps down from office.His 50 year old wife has always remained in the background, seldom photographed at her husband's side.When Alina was 12, her mother decided that for her daughter to become a better gymnast it was necessary to look for a better training in Moscow, so they looked for Irina Viner – the chief coach of Russia in Rhythmic Gymnastics where Alina began her training for better heights.The following year Alina Kabaeva joined Russian Olympic team, made her debut in 1996, winning her first gold medal two years later at the 1998 European gymnastics Championships in Portugal.The problem came when they ran out and the team physiotherapist allegedly restocked at a local pharmacy.

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Their coach Irina Viner claimed Alina and Irina took a food supplement which didn’t contained any banned substances but rather mild diuretics.Petersburg State University of Physical Education, Named after P. Then in October 2005 and until September 2007 Alina was the first member of the Public Chamber of Russia on the development of philanthropy, charity and volunteer involved in the problem of insurance Athletes.In 2006 she was the winner of the national award Woman of the Year “Glamour”.Alina also denied that had given birth to a boy or any child whatsoever.. It is never been my habit to comment on rumours, but I’ve decided to make an exception because I can’t let so many warm words and good wishes go unanswered…On this page I promised to tell you about the most important events in my life and about my family.So when I become a mother (which hasn’t happened yet) I’ll definitely write about it.

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