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The rising sea levels push more water into the Chao Phraya River. This post may contain affiliate links, for which we may receive a referral fee. Does it freeze or hang every time you try to use it?This only applies to Quicken for Windows, so if you’re using Quicken for Mac, you can safely ignore this fix. Underneath “Startup Location”, if it says “Tips & Tutorials”, change it to anything other than “Tips & Tutorials”. Close and reopen Quicken The slowness and freezing should no longer occur. The temporary workaround listed above should help solve the slow Quicken problem for these users.The Quicken team is working on a permanent solution to this problem, but here is a temporary fix that may help solve the problem for you. If you are unable to update your Quicken Preferences due to the slowness of the program: 1. If you’re looking for an alternative to Quicken, these are my recommendations: Nate Phillips has been using Quicken and Turbo Tax for almost 20 years.Bhumibol Dam in particular received 242.8 mm of rain, well above the normal 25.2 mm.Since 1 January the dam had accumulated 245.9 mm, 216.0 mm or 186 percent above normal.

But you can also use the product completely online.

The web version of Quicken doesn’t have all of the features, but it does give you the ability to view balances and transactions, look at budgets and accounts, and check out your current investments and spending trends online.

You can also navigate through the streamlined web dashboard, which includes much of the same information as the desktop version but is easier to navigate.

Other fixes and additions include: These are Quicken’s newer features, but here’s a rundown of the basics you can expect from this well-known platform: The first tab on your Quicken interface is the Home tab.

This gives you a quick summary of your current financial situation.

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