Quicktime not repairing or updating

Based in New York City, I am an online video producer who has more than five years of experience working in digital media. I specialize in video compression and distribution, video software, online video sharing and portable device use. That’s why knowing the potential causes behind this issue is very important.Following are some potential causes behind this problem: i Tunes is a great tool for watching movies downloaded from i Tunes Store or streaming them directly.Step 3: Now click on ‘Fix Other i Tunes Problems’ mode from the main screen of the software. i My Fone Tunes Fix will start the repairing process.The issue of i Tunes movie won’t play black screen occurs due to many reasons.

Drag the marker on the “Play Streams” slidebar all the way to the “Short Delay” end.

It is possible that the i Tunes movie won’t play black screen problem is occurring not because of an error in i Tunes, but due to a malfunctioning or corrupt graphics driver.

Updating the driver fixes the issue if this is the case.

One of the primary reasons is the helper add-ons of i Tunes not loading properly.

To fix this, you simply need to restart the i Tunes process. Step 2: Once it is opened, input this in the command window: TASKKILL /IM ITunes Step 3: Once you input the above command and hit Enter, the i Tunes Helper process will be stopped.

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