Quitting drinking dating

I also have lived most of my adult life without drinking excessively, meaning that it is substantially easier for me to revert back to engrained healthier habits that I practiced for so long.Also, alcohol was not something that i really had a good reason to consume excessively.So, it really sucks to feel damn confident in my ability to navigate "early sobriety" on my own but to also hear so many veterans, so to speak, talk about the necessity of AA and doing the steps and avoiding the pitfalls - none of which feels necessary to me.

Did you happen to hear those sanctimonious nabobs in power are raisin’ the tax on cigarettes again? So, he tore open the little envelope of a ‘first stage’ patch, slapped on his right shoulder and then stepped outside to have a smoke.It was during one of those all-out wars, the nonsmokers were waged against the smokers who were already banned from smoking in all public buildings; theaters, restaurants, and such. Now, at the age of sixty, he has to consider the unimaginable, because, smoking to him is like that lifelong friend, one of the family, an unthinkable sacrifice. a few years back, who told him, ” You might as well keep right on smoking.This was the time when one city banned smoking everywhere within its limits, although you could still smoke in your own home. There is also a movement growing that would want smoking banned in the entire State of California! He thought, ‘ Man,….those Nons are having a real melt down.’ Even the place of solitude and refuge, the Neighborhood Bar, even it was not spared, a place where ninety percent of the patrons smoke and the other ten percent are oblivious. Years ago when he promised himself that; if, and when they ever got to be a dollar a pack he would cut them loose. They’ve already taken their toll.” ” I did hear something about that D!I mean, I had a bad breakup at one point and then just kind of spiralled into drinking nearly a fifth of vodka nightly for about 2 years. So, no one had to make me quit and, besides seeing a psychologist ever few weeks, I'm pretty much going this alone, but none of my friends/family really drink that heavily.So, in a lot of cases, I feel like I'm kind of the exception to the rule (I don't go to AA), but the fact remains that I was drinking A LOT of booze and I let it rule much more of my life than I would have ever thought possible.

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