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The proud mom was spotted the same month shopping for work clothes for her "baby" girl.

It's been more than a decade since the show first aired, and Avery has grown up right before audiences' eyes.

When she first started filming 10 years ago, she was 12 years old," Ramona told The idea of having a camera crew track your every move isn't appealing for most people because, c'mon, who wants all their embarrassing moments caught on air? They edit my mom to be this certain type of mom but they don't show all her colors," she said. This milestone event in a young person's life is surrounded by so much anticipation that even a tiny bump in the road can seem like a mountain.

When your family is on a show as sensationalized as in 2010. a documentary or just like one of those home videos. We never talk about it unless I bring it up, which is rare." As for how the show depicts her family — and often portrays her mom in a polarizing light — Avery shrugs that off, too. When the bump isn't so tiny, well, it can feel like a total catastrophe. "On Wednesday evening, my original prom date, who is my best guy friend at school, called me to tell me that he just found out he had a tennis states game at 5.

Naturally, a huge part of the show's appeal lies in its longest-standing "main housewife," Ramona Singer.

Between her trademark candor and intense stare, the mompreneur certainly leaves a lasting impression.

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