Rapid updating of drivers v8 0 build 15

This software is supported by a database containing more than 8 million driver entities.

The up-to-date drivers for 99.9% hardware devices are from all PC vendors.

It has almost all of the drivers for every sort of computer, just by clicking you can download and install the drivers that your computer needs, it check from the driver’s update on a daily basis and keep the user inform when the computer needs the driver update.

In this newer version of this Driver Toolkit, all the problems are solved and it very efficient working software. It is 100% working on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 8. Have you ever had malfunctions on the hardware of your personal computer and laptop, for instance, there is no sound or the touchpad does not work properly?

Driver Toolkit 8.5 is a software that can update drivers and backup the current drivers and remove unwanted ones.

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So I caused the BSOD on purpose once again, and then with ICH10R RAID activated and Samsung hard disks attached, I choose the Windows 7 Recovery mode in the boot menu.

It sees some problem(s), tries to repair, does not succeed and does not ask for drivers (which I put on a USB stick) to install.

So then I thought, that maybe I can't install the RAID drivers from within the OS.

It is probably because you have the wrong drivers installed, or current ones are out of date.

Instead of searching for the right drivers all over the internet and getting annoyed by those technical terms, you can just choose Driver Toolkit 8.5.

I googled around and seemed that the ICH10R is a better choice and since then I've been trying to make it work.

When I activate the [RAID] mode from BIOS, the Windows 7 gives BSOD exactly as described by this guy: "Windows 7 will start to boot, it gets to the screen where there are 4 colors coming together and it blue screens and restarts no matter what I do." First thing I did: turned off the RAID and booted to Windows and tried to install the SATA RAID drivers from Gigabyte.

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