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From the pelvic “tucking,” in which you roll your groin forward, to the seated ab work, where you sit with legs spread and bent, to the “knee dancing,” which is what it sounds like, the class can feel like an hour-long rehearsal for sex.

But barre classes rarely draw attention to the workout’s sexual undertones — or to the fact that its tucks and thrusts can, as many instructors will privately admit, bring very real improvements to women’s sex lives. “It’s kind of like this weird elephant in the room,” my friend M., a 20-something barre obsessive who lives in San Francisco, told me. But after you’ve done barre for like four days in a row, you’re not going to lie there like a dead fish during sex.

She talked about her love affairs while she taught.

Her client list included a slate of the era’s stars — So what changed?

Women had tasted strength and realized there was more to exercise than sex.” Bach says that throughout the ’80s, the workout lost some of its sensual flavor and became more sleekly standardized.

“It’s a business to a lot of people — it wasn’t a business to me,” she told me.

Today’s barre enthusiasts, who range from college-aged to grandmothers and are willing to pay to per class, say they don’t always to feel sexual while working out.

“I know if, during training, I had been told to behave like a prostitute at any point, I would probably have never become an instructor,” one New York City barre teacher who has taught at two different studios told me.

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