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By providing an unbiased glimpse into the everyday routine of model Alice and her frenemies’ Baby (Imani Hakim), Fox (Flora Diaz) and Princess X (Samantha Robinson) lives, Cam shows how sex workers really aren’t that different from the rest of us, thus highlighting the ridiculously dated way society tries to separate itself from what very basic Christian rhetoric deems a sinful way to earn a buck.

Not only does Cam show the way in which sex workers are underappreciated and unfairly scrutinized, but it also exposes the terrifying way that law enforcement handles claims of sexual abuse.

The strength and vulnerability which she bobs between gracefully creates an empathetic human being that’s hard not to relate to.

Of course, the main reason why this tumble down the rabbit hole is so enthralling is due to Madeline Brewer (The Handmaid’s Tale)’s very personal performance, which allows the audience to relate to a circumstance which they may never have even previously considered.

It speaks volumes that Brewer is able to take a polarizing story about a taboo subject and turn it into a significant commentary on society’s addiction to social media and instant gratification, especially given that Brewer has no professional training as an actor and only recently entered the game with her first role in 2013 as Tricia Miller on Orange is the New Black.

But the show, complete with a doppelgänger (also played by Brewer), must go on, and Alice is confronted with the uncanny situation of coming face-to-face with someone who looks and sounds exactly like her, someone who is claiming Lola's identity and stealing all of her fans.

When Alice's personal life begins to crumble, she takes matters into her own hands, and walking a fine line between drama and thriller, social issue study and otherworldly thriller, becomes an almost literal interpretation of the price of fame and confronting the beast within one's self.

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