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It also has a rather young population: more than 60% of its users are 30 years old or younger.57% of the users live in top-tier cities, the traditional centers of wealth.Xiaohongshu, encourages a “safe space” for like-minded consumers to write reviews and share their shopping experiences good or bad.

The App is often used when a user is investigating a new cosmetic product they would like to try, and are curious about the experience of other customers.It’s one of the fastest growing e-commerce platform.According to Qianfan, Xiaohongshu has a predominantly female audience (88%).There is one handy place you can find the answers to all the questions above, the Xiaohongshu (AKA Little Red Book or RED).Xiaohongshu is also the number 1 ranking cross-border e-commerce App in China.

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