Red flags on dating profiles

From bad spelling to sketchy pictures on online dating profiles, lots of things will cause us to raise an eyebrow and proceed with caution—but there are a few red flags that have us scrambling to click the little X.

We asked members of Marie Claire Ask & Answer — 's online Q&A community for relationship, sex, and dating advice — for the online dating profile mistakes that have them running in the other direction.

Avoiding red flags successfully is an independent journey, because we all have our own meter for what’s tolerable.

Pinpointing these will ultimately help dictate what will and won’t work for you, says Barnes.

Now you’re onto a second round and thinking how nice it is to be elbow to elbow instead of 5 to 10 miles away from this person.“One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned … And shows you.” If your date is mean to a waiter, snarky to a stranger, playfully trashes your card or Jenga game because now that you’re winning you must be cheating, hear that.

when people show you who they are, believe them,” Oprah shares. Maya Angelou responds, “If a person says to you ‘I’m selfish’ or ‘I’m mean’ or ‘I am unkind’ — believe them. But more often than not, those of us who don’t trust life say don’t say a thing like that. Do not assume this window of viciousness is momentary.

I mulled over sustainability and the importance of eliminating food waste as if our little café table was my TED Talk stage.

Two years later, on our final date, I took the stage again.

But in fairness to him, he told me he didn’t care about what I wanted to discuss 730 days ago. Why had I ignored the warning signs the first time?“Warning signs [of poor communication] include a lot of criticism and contempt,” says marriage counselor and dating coach Your chat banter sparks emoji fireworks.Words move from app to text, and nobody cancels or changes the agreed upon date.“It’s a red flag if they don’t write much or even anything at all,” says dating coach But sometimes it takes matching to reveal what won’t fly.Dave, 30, recalls one conversation where discussing logistics for a first date turned into a Mayday alert.

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