Redating the sphinx

We discuss the serious scientific studies of the paranormal and include selections from fourteen seminal papers, 1886 through 2007, by major figures in the field, plus 100 pages of commentary.For more about my interest in this fascinating field, go to the Research Highlights page on this website.I also discuss the end of the last Ice Age, the rising sea levels at that time, and the origins of civilization.

I am proud to add that my wife Katie designed the photo insert and co-designed the book's beautiful cover.Schoch is no scaremonger, no hawker of a pet theory.What we do with this knowledge is up to us, but once digested, it changes everything.” – Joscelyn Godwin, Ph.After critically analyzing the evidence, I have come to the conclusion that there was contact across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in ancient times.In Voyages I also discuss the impacts and close flybys of comets in historic and prehistoric times that may have affected early civilizations and perhaps spurred long-range migrations.

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