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In the storyline, Wayne’s character Sean Thornton returns from America to Ireland to reclaim his homestead and escape from his past.Sean’s eye is caught by Mary Kate, a beautiful but poor maiden who is the younger sister of ill-tempered Will “Red” Danaher, who did what he could to drive a wedge between them.So Mars (and every other planet) can be observed rising above or setting below the horizon at some point during any given 24-hour period.If Mars is indeed the energetic life force astrologers describe, and the rising sign influences personal appearance as astrologers say, it’s reasonable to assume the red planet might be found at or near the ascendant in the birth charts of redheads more frequently than expected by chance.The new research sheds light on other genes that are involved.Previous studies had shown that redheads inherit two versions of the MC1R gene that leads to red hair -- one from their mum and one from their dad.The study -- which also sheds light on blondes and brunettes -- is the largest genetic study of hair colour to date.

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Written by: Edward Snow Tags: astrology research, Jacalyn Thompson, John Wayne, Judith Hill, Kenneth Mc Ritchie, Mary Kate Danaher, Maureen O’Hara, redheads, The Quiet Man Posted date: March 6, 2017 | No comment You may not be old enough to remember Maureen O’Hara, the strikingly beautiful Irish actress whose red hair, crystal-green eyes and porcelain white skin were so dazzling she was dubbed “The Queen of Technicolor” by Herbert Kalmus, the man who invented that color film process.

Reportedly, throughout her life, O’Hara strongly identified with the sassy, independent heroine she portrayed with such flare on the silver screen.

“I loved Mary Kate Danaher,” she once told a Hollywood beat reporter. She was a terrific dame, tough and didn’t let herself get walked on.” Professional astrologers have long believed they know where this fiery archetypal energy is coming from.

The researchers were surprised to find that many of these 200 genetic differences were associated with hair texture rather than pigmentation.

Others are involved in determining how the hair grows -- whether curly or straight, for example.

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