Relationship questions dating couples

"Whatever you do you do not want to ask a close-ended question," Carla Romo, dating and relationship coach, tells Bustle.

"It is important to leave it open-ended so you can get to know your partner's thoughts." Asking your partner to describe what they feel is a really practical tactic, too.

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"It can be so helpful to talk about how often each partner would like to have sexual contact, what their understanding of fidelity is, and other ways of staying intimately connected when having a sexual experience just isn't in the cards.” So before you start to feel this issue coming up, bring it up. This kind of open-ended question is a gold mine when it comes to communicating better in your relationship.

We rarely start discussing our deepest fears or desires without first being prompted.

But these things are so important for us to continue to discuss with our spouses.

With each question, one person asks the other, lets them talk and then you both follow the conversation that flows from the answer.

Once that line of conversation ends, you reverse and the other person asks you the same question.

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