Responding to dating email Masterbate video chats

I'd rather send a well thought out reply than a half arsed one.Another possibility: I generally don't date more than one person at a time (not for any moral reasons, I just have a busy life and don't usually have time for more than that).In that case, I'll still save a message to reply to later, hopefully when I can actually do it justice.So honestly I wouldn't read too much into it - girls just get a lot more messages than guys.However, once they get a little practice in, they’re able to handle it. One problem that does arise, on Bumble or any other dating site, is the infamous “Hey” message.The ultimate in low-effort messaging, there are worse opening texts that one could send but not many.I did that with one girl and 2 days later (after being online a couple times already) she responded back with a friendly message.I'm certainly not complaining, it was a very pleasant surprise actually.

Normally when I send out messages, if I see they're online after I've messaged them and haven't gotten anything back, I just assume they're not interested and move on.

I'm not as selfish as this all implies, but it's true. That's a pretty good indicator that I don't want to message that guy back in general.

It seems kind of silly, and I'm probably going to get bitched at for "playing games" but if a dude calls me a frigid cunt for not replying immediately, it's good to find that out that personality blip sooner rather than later.

I'm just confused is all, I'm wondering what's going on in your heads when you girls do this (not mad or anything, just genuinely curious). I don't always respond immediately to messages that I'm interested in.

Also, guys who this has happened to can chime in if you have any ideas. I'm fairly busy, and am seeing a few other people.

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