Robert pattinson and nikki reed dating

Maybe that explains why she got married so quickly in the first place.

My sources tell me exclusively that at the end of the evening, or early morning depending how you see it, the four of them left the event, hugged before parting ways (a weird 4-way group hug), Kristen and Michael hopped in a cab, and Nikki and Rob walked further up the block… She stayed with him overnight, was supposed to be back in LA on Monday…. Perhaps she couldn’t get up, or perhaps she couldn’t leave?

One day Kristen and Nikki are such besties they're vacationing and shacking up together, then enter Robsten shenanigans, and Nikki's Rob-gushing comes to a halt, along with her constantly being at K. And best of all, Nik can take a hand-in-hand stroll in public with her man, while Rob and Kristen are confined to their hotel rooms. Either way, pretty sure we know which side Team Awful would rather be on.

If recent reports are to be believed, then Ian Somerhalder’s wife took a long time to forgive her “She learned how to get over it. "A few weeks ago I was at this event, and they said, 'You missed Rob's birthday, how do you feel? She has a billion or more reasons to be perfectly content with her relationship with Paris Lastis.' And I said, 'I called him, it's fine.' And they wrote, 'She's clearly bitter over the breakup.' I'm like, awkward happened with Rob, Kristen, and from someone who knows a thing about girl drama and love triangles. Mad because her BFF went after a guy she was crushing on? She's hardly crying over not being the object of Pattinson's affections.Sometimes I would bring it up casually, but he always found a way to twist and turn his words until they morphed into a theory that seemed to make sense.He was good with his words, and I was good at coming up with reasons to believe them.

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