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Version 2 of the book, that is running on Ember 2, was published about 6 months later and I've been updating the book for every minor version ever since.

The first edition of this book followed Ember's journey to its 2.0 release.

However, its strong opinions and heavy reliance of “convention over configuration” can give developers who are new to the framework a hard time figuring out how Ember wants them to do things.

This book helps to overcome that initial frustration, and help you grok Ember a lot faster, by pinpointing the core concepts and explaining them in detail.

Buying any package gets you a 30-day free subscription to Ember Map (a value) I have to say Balint has done an outstanding job with his ebook.

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I gave workshops at Ember Conf and Eurucamp, and presented at Ember Conf, Ember Fest, Agent Conf and Arrrrcamp.I thoroughly enjoyed the read and coding along with you as you introduced, built upon and refactored the code.It follows the way most people write their code, myself included, and I appreciated that thoughtful approach to your material. I"ll conclude by saying this: your book immediately gave me the confidence to go full bore into our MVP using Ember, and for that I am truly grateful.I'll follow the same policy during the road to Ember 4 and so I'll keep in sync with the latest stable version of Ember 3 and keep the content fresh. I have a long history of building web applications and have mostly been a back-end guy.On a grey, chilly February day in 2013 that I’ll never forget (maybe it was January? made that day bright and the ones that came after that.

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