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Some protect any information obtained in the pursuit of news.And others protect all information obtained under an explicit promise of confidentiality. Third, many privileges are subject to exceptions and/or balancing tests, and they affect whether or how a judge will apply a privilege on specific facts.The problem here, of course, is that innovations in technology have complicated the endeavor of defining journalists and journalism.

In other words, some are inclusive and others are exclusive.Moreover, the credibility of the press depends upon its actual and perceived independence.If journalists are, or are seen as, investigative arms of the government or private interests, then the public might lose faith in their reporting and be loath to trust them with information. What’s the actual legal source for a journalist’s privilege? , that the First Amendment doesn’t allow a journalist who has witnessed criminal activity to refuse to testify about it before a grand jury.Now available as an ebook for the first time, the notorious dating handbook bought by millions of women is women's answer to THE GAME. Remember, the Rules are not about marrying the first man you are attracted to who calls you by Wednesday for Saturday night and buys you flowers. Right – a man whom you love and whose character you admire and can live with.Refreshingly blunt, astonishingly effective, and at times hilarious, THE RULES will show women who is a keeper and how to get 'a ring on it', if that is what they want. About the author Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider have helped countless unmarried women find marital bliss.

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