Russian women for dating to men in ghana

Based on preliminary census results published in March, men account for just 46.3 percent of Russia's population, while women make up 53.7 percent. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Russia's population has been steadily decreasing.

Since the last survey in 2002, it dropped by another 2.2 million.

Yet, to many Russian women this is still a better option than settling for an indebted drunk.” It all adds up to a pretty bleak situation for Russian women.

But where others her age see despair and frustration, Varra sensed a business opportunity.

“If a man figures out that he can just as easily live with a woman outside of marriage, why would he propose? So Varra runs another class called "How to be a Better Lover." She says the most efficient way of getting a proposal is through a deliberate dose of flattery and sexual intrigue, ideally at the same time.

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It's important to emphasise that in this part of the world, a strong believe has been formed for years that a woman can't be happy without her own family, she nneds to be married and have children in order to complete her main mission in nlife.

“Finding a Russian man over 40 who has money and isn’t an alcoholic is extremely hard,” she said.

“Such a man will probably have a car, a weekend cottage, but often also a wife or at least a mistress or two.

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MOSCOW – Yulia Varra says that when a 50-year-old Russian man looks for a girlfriend, he never considers women close to his age. While men in other countries might want the same thing, they probably don't have a waiting list of young, pretty maidens interested in a relationship with them.

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