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Alexis, then 21, might have ended the short term relationship she had had with actor Ryan Phillippe and not revitalize it because of the sake of pregnancy, but decided to not abort the baby. I might not have made it through my childhood if it weren’t for X-men.🌪💩💥Your 90’s cartoon was my everything.

Found this sweater for sale maybe an hour after hearing the news…Only saw doctor strange for the first time a week ago, loved it so much watched it again 3 hours later. Wow wow wow what a person to exist and bless us SO abundantly lmfao how many characters and stories has he written in total?! #RIP #LLAP #godlike #stanlee A post shared by Alexis Knapp (@alexisknapp) on This might have been one of the best choices she had decided upon because not only is the actress’s daughter blessed with prettiness but also has grown into becoming the Pitch Perfect Star’s moral support and the Apple of her eye.

Unprecedented accomplishments as far as I’m aware…. Which is evidently noticed in her gazillion Instagram posts about her adored daughter!

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When people see her they have these judgments because she could be a model but she's about to graduate Stanford Law," Phillippe told Howard Stern back in April 2015 of his Stanford Law fiancée."Also what's great about it—as you get older certain issues become more important to you.Ryan Phillippe and his fiancée Paulina Slagter have called it quits. News that the couple, who announced their engagement in December, have broken up after five years together.The reason behind their split has not been disclosed.I'm very involved in civil rights issues, and so to be with a woman who could actually make an impact in the legal realm—that's a beautiful thing."Phillippe was last famously married to Reese Witherspoon.The former flames have 17-year-old daughter, Ava, and 13-year-old son, Deacon, together.

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