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One of the questions regarding saccadic suppression is its possible effect in processing more complex and more biologically significant visual objects.

The majority of saccadic eye movement studies in the past century have generally employed simple stimuli such as bars, dots, and gratings with different spatial frequencies and small window sizes that affected luminance instead of pattern detection.

The source of sensitivity loss during saccade has been attributed to two different streams: top-down and bottom-up.

We recruited 14 participants (11 females, : 24, age range: 18–32) from Maastricht University through local advertisements for this study.

The study was conducted in accordance with university ethics committee requirements.

The subjects gave informed consent to participate and were rewarded with 7.5 Euro vouchers.

Some recent studies employing modern gaze-contingent paradigms have been focused on vision around the time of freely made eye movements in natural dynamic scenes [14].

However, such paradigms are not able to dissociate the sensitivity change during saccade from the forward and backward masking effects introduced by the pre- and postsaccadic retinal images.

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