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At the time spoken it is proposed to be one that will pool part of the existing mass of sovereign bonds which then will form the basis for the issuance of new bonds, which again will be parted in a senior and a junior tranche. However, I have sincerely difficulties to see that the credit quality even on the senior tranche of the new bond can be greater than that currently applicable to Germany.

Pedersen, Christian Lage, Group Chief Officer at PFA Asset Management and Per Callesen, Governor from Danmarks Nationalbank.The caveat is that Germany is only as robust as the euro area is as a region.Thus, it’s recognition as a safe asset might well be an illusion.and instead of flowing from one country to another, capital would primarily flow into the common safe asset.Whilst the euro currency is generally considered a safe-haven for storing wealth and credibility towards the European Central Bank (ECB) is high, the same cannot be said about the euro area sovereign bonds.

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