Said goodbye to dating

There are moments of pure bliss, and then there are times when you question everything.

Through the valleys and peaks, it’s hard to be certain whether or not you two are meant to be, or meant to be done.

One great relief now I'm older is that I no longer face the fraught business of dating and starting a relation-ship. How thankful I was at the grand old age of 34 when I got it together with Jenny and the trials and traumas of dating were finally over. Expectations of possible partners are now so high you wonder how people ever fall for each other and can tick all the boxes.

Thankfully all that's behind me and I'm well settled with my partner of 35 years. The wrong hairstyle or cut of jeans could be fatal.

When you’d rather spend a night out with the ladies every weekend than with your partner, there seems to be an issue at hand.

To build a strong relationship foundation, both partners need to put in work.

If only one is left building, that person will become exhausted and later on, resentful.

My parents were also saying nothing, expecting me to work it all out for myself.

The boys at my single-sex school seemed to have little contact with girls and had nothing to say about it.

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