Sarah kustok dating

From the very beginning of her childhood days, she had immense interest in sports and was engaged in different activities.She used to be in school’s volleyball team as well.She was born to Allan Kustok, a businessman and Anita Kustok.

She became the first female to ever be a solo analyst in the NBA.

Sarah Kustok is also known to have worked for Versus, a channel under the NBC Sports Network.

In another capacity, she has worked as a sideline reporter for the Brooklyn Nets and was a notable contributor to the Nets Magazine.

With games played every day all over the country, devoting enough attention to a romantic partner and potential children is a challenge, and women still considered the primary caregivers in the home, it goes without saying the demands of the profession is extra challenging for them.

It would possibly explain why Sarah Kustok is still a single woman, who is neither married nor involved in a relationship.

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