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EUSTATIUS--Roads in the immediate vicinity of Fort Oranje and the surrounding cliffs will be closed on Saturday, August 31, and again on Monday, September 2. Eustatius made it known to motorists and pedestrians that the area will be closed off on both days from am until pm.This is being done in connection with the placement of nets on the cliffs with the use of helicopters.The HACCP certification is also known as the Food Handlers Certificate.HACCP is a systematic methodology to ensure that food is properly handled and processed.The students also had the opportunity to complete two certifications in the hospitality industry: the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) Customer Service Gold and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).The AHLEI Customer Service Gold is an internationally recognised certificate.However, this should only be done with good reason and that does not appear to have always been the case.On the other hand, to function properly the CGC obviously requires adequate resources.

In photo: A wide-angle view of the cliff protection project at Fort Oranje and Claes Ghut.

All food-service workers on the island are required by law to have this certificate. Maarten Training Foundation provides this certification free of charge to all culinary students enrolled in the programme.

The SMTF programme is part of the Emergency Income Support and Training Programme (EISTP) financed by the Dutch Government, managed by the World Bank and implemented by SMTF in cooperation with the Government of St. EISTP is the only social programme on the island that provides direct financial support to the participants.

For starters, although Social and Health Insurances SZV reimburses 80 per cent of salaries for female workers insured there when on pregnancy leave, that is not regulated yet for men. However, this compensation does not exist for employees in a higher income bracket with private health coverage.

In their case the business must cover the full extra cost of adding four weeks for mothers and giving fathers seven days.

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