Seinfeld elaine and jerry dating

Photo: NBC Dick Actor: David Naughton First Appearance: S3, "The Red Dot" What’s The Deal With This Guy?

Elaine certainly cares about him far more than the 30 other potential suitors we met on the show...It seems that most of Elaine’s dates were duds, many of the men never got to home base, and that Elaine was perpetually attracted to men suffering from some sort of neuroses. She breezed through men and when they disappointed her, she was able to move on rather quickly.She was obviously more invested in her friendships with Jerry, George, and Kramer than she was with any of these potential soul mates.Photo: NBC Owen March Actor: Edward Penn First Appearance: S3, "The Alternate Side" What’s The Deal With This Guy?: He's a much older writer who suffers a stroke before Elaine can politely break up with him.

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