Selective recruiting dating

This site is also great for jobseekers who wanted an inside view to the fabulous, quirky, eccentric world of recruiters.The terms “ghosting,” “catfishing,” and “no show” are mostly used in the dating world.In previous year, it was common practice for uninterested candidates to contact recruiters if they were no longer interested in a position or wouldn’t be able to make an interview.The practice maintained a good relationship between the candidate and recruiter.My most recent experience with ghosting in recruiting happened a few weeks ago.I was recruiting for a client who was looking for customer-service representatives and account executives.I’ve seen this type of behavior at all levels and in almost every industries.

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The team is also very friendly and great to work with. We went through the usual process and after several phone interviews, and we had 10 candidates lined up to interview in person. I was mortified at the turnout rate and worked quickly to try to make contact with the six other candidates.

Dating rule #8 Don’t be afraid to end the date early.

Recruiting application: Prescreen carefully, ask the hard questions, and always tell the candidate the truth.

However, these types of behaviors have become typical in recruiting situations as well, due to the candidate-driven nature of today’s hiring market.

In my own agency, I have seen an increase in the amount of no shows to interviews or appointments in the last six months.

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