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In ASL, the term 'because' is the exact same as the sign for 'why'.

In ASL, a lot of statements are said by asking questions Example: My name is Daniel "MY-NAME-WHAT-D-A-N-I-E-L" Cash register School Register -------------------- processor register User-accessible Registers Data registers Address registers Conditional registers General purpose registers Floating point registers Constant registers Special purpose registers Instruction registers Model-specific registers Control and status registers Memory buffer register Memory data register Memory address register Memory Type Range Registers Hardware registers I am not aware of a program that can interpret English text to ASL.

MS Access: How to replace blank (null ) values with 0 for all records? I can use Find and Replace to replace 0 with blank, but not the other way around (won't "find" a blank, even if I enter [Ctrl-Spacebar] which inserts a space.

The chances of someone in one country coming up with exactly…Like all languages, Sign Language is a growing language.As new inventions arise, the deaf community makes up a sign for that invention.Within 5 seconds of pressing 1/2, enter your new 5 digit personal code depressing each digit within 5 seconds of the previous digit.The keyless system now registers this second number, and either the new number or the dealership permanent code will operate the locks.

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