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In initial years of publications and media coverage, SIA was described as a “nationally representative” probability sample; based on current social science standards and available methodological information, we now refer to SIA as a large national sample that is “demographically representative” and recruited from opt-in participant panels.

SIA data has been used in a variety of academic publications (see below).

Panelists are initially drawn from a diverse pool of established participants who have been continuously recruited over several years from a wide variety of venues, including paper and electronic mailings, referrals, corporate partnerships, and Internet recruitment.

Participants are recruited from these opt-in research panels, with recruitment targeting based on demographic distributions (i.e., age, gender, ethnicity, region and income) reflected in the most recent Current Population Survey conducted by the United States Bureau of the Census, and adjusted in real-time using inbound click balancing.

Additionally, panelists were screened to ensure survey engagement, with those straight-lining responses or moving too quickly through panels removed.

-- Contrary to what is often assumed about single parents, particularly single parents of young children, a new study from The Kinsey Institute has found that single parents of children younger than 5 date and are sexually active as often as singles without children -- and more so than single parents of older children. "There has been a modest amount of research on the sexuality of parents, particularly mothers.

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