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She knows exactly what she wants and goes after it.

She doesn’t play games with you like feigning pregnancy to hold you hostage in the relationship.

She gets serious with her career, becomes religious or develops a strong affinity for babies yet months before she couldn’t stand any.

You choose to ignore this until she wakes you up in the middle of the night with a staid look on her face.“BYou solemnly swear to stick by her to the end of time, however, things will never be the same again.

The funky girl you once knew turns into a complete stranger overnight.

A lass who used to party Monday to Friday suddenly tones it down.

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A Cougar has been married before, had a few kids and probably a failed marriage so the last thing she wants is a wedding.

What should he do, if his girlfriend is about 10 years younger?

The main task for him is to build long-term relationship, of course. ” Your task in such a situation is to get the girl’s trust and clear out any doubts that tease your young beloved.

How to do this and what should he know about , remember that the first problem you will face is the girl’s fears. It is better not to promise her eternal love and marriage as young women are rather naive to believe your “promises”. To cope with it, you must let your girlfriend understand that sex is the step to the next stage of relationship because this is how everyone does.

She will have thousands of questions inside her head like “Why does he need me? The younger a girl is, the more serious her attitude to sex is too. , you could find out that she is afraid of being uninteresting to a more experienced partner like you.

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