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Learning, talking about consent can help combat rape culture.

Laurie perseveres despite difficult and depressing circumstances. She learns from her readers and explores why young people need to learn and to talk about consent in order to combat rape culture.

Readers who prefer audiobooks will enjoy that the book is read by the author herself.

" /Readers will learn a great deal about author Laurie Halse Anderson's background, her educational training as a linguist, various words and ideas in other languages (especially Danish), and trauma of sexual assault and importance of consent.

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Memoir stresses importance of reporting abuse but also explains why so many survivors keep silent.

Family backstory also promotes forgiveness, redemption. Author encourages communication and honesty between parents and children, not listening to people who think women are complicit in rape, and beauty of "yes" -- of consent -- in intimate and sexual relationships.

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Then she is finally compelled to write Melinda's story in .

Halse Anderson doesn't shy away from mature topics like alcohol and drug use (by adults and teens), domestic abuse, and most overtly, sexual abuse.

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