Singapore expat dating agency

You relocated to Singapore as a single person, and you are now looking into the dating scene in the city.

What if there are some rules that you didn’t know about and you run the risk of feeling like a fool?

Other recommendations are The Screening Room and it’s rooftop bar, thanks to it’s relaxed atmosphere and the fact it is never crowded.

Potato Head and Chijmes are also favourites for singles to hang out and meet people, although bear in mind that at the weekend, it might be a little too busy to really get to know someone.

However, it is more common that the man would make the first move but it is entirely acceptable for women to do it too. Just bear in mind that you shouldn’t ask a Singaporean for a date the first time that you speak to them.

Most Singaporeans prefer to wait until they know more about the person in question before deciding if this is someone they would like to date.

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