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I cover a greater user population than the youth on the hunt for a casual, or even serious, relationship, who resort to chat rooms under the cover of other interests and activities.I cater to the younger generation's technical curiosity and love of certain kinds of electronic games as well.His website publishes marriage candidates’ details, like their physical appearance and whether or not they've been married.

Jafar Savalanpour, a 49-year-old cleric, started such a website in 2001.One chat room, geared toward "social and cultural communication and interaction," has scored the most number of long-term and serious relationships, both heterosexual and homosexual, according to its founder.There are no hard facts or credible statistics to prove this."All I knew," she says, "was that he was unable to hold a job. Once we moved in together on our wedding night, I found out that he is addicted to crystal meth.Had we initially met in person, this would have been very unlikely." But, most young, tech-savvy Iranians who have found dates through chat rooms, continue to frequent these online spaces and enjoy chatting, even if it doesn't result in a real-life meeting or a serious relationship.

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