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We know when we will be ready to introduce you, and when our children will be best able to handle it.If we aren’t ready or if we haven’t brought it up, don’t push.Appreciate the time they give you, even if it’s not when or as much as you’d like. Be understanding if he or she calls you, whether a few days or a few minutes before your date, to cancel. If you are a single person with no children and have never dated a person with children before, you may be used to calling up your partner at 8 pm on a Friday night to go out to dinner. But when you have children, you can’t go out at the last minute — in fact, by 8 pm on Friday, a single parent has probably already eaten and is looking forward to bed soon.Plan dates in advance — give a parent with a special needs child at least 3–4 days notice.If you disagree with how your partner disciplines his or her kids, it is not your place to step in and take over.

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This means being someone your partner can vent to, toss ideas back and forth with, and even talk about things that have nothing to do with the child.

Doctor’s appointments, therapies, school, work, treatments at home, taking care of the house, and so on, all take up large amounts of the parent’s time.

So remember when you’re on a date that he or she has taken time away from all of that to spend it with you. Your partner may need to cancel at the last minute or alter your plans to deal with a babysitter that didn’t show, a sick child, or any number of other situations that might arise.

It also means being a friend to the child — finding things you share in common, having real conversations with the child (not just small talk to kill time while you wait for your partner), but most importantly: no discipline.

Again, you may have done all kinds of research, but reading books does not make you an expert on our kids.

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