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Drained by the federally designated Wild & Scenic Scott River, Scott Valley is steeped in history.

At the time of the first contact with Europeans in the 1830s, the valley was occupied by the Scott Valley branch of the Shasta tribe of Native Americans.

This route remained in steady use until the development of more established stagecoach roads in the 1860s (and later the railroad in the 1880s) along the Sacramento River to the east.

Today the valley is served by California State Route 3, linking Hayfork, CA & Weaverville, CA to Yreka, Ca.

No one's going to call and say, 'send it to this shady address that's not the county courthouse.'" Andreas Fuhrmann/Record Searchlight Paula Holden, a liaison with Senior Medicare Patrol with the California Health Advocates, center, talks to people Tuesday at the Shasta County District Attorney's Office's Fraud Prevention event Tuesday at the Veterans Hall in downtown Redding.

Sometimes, she said, scammers reach residents on the phone after the call appears to be coming from someone with a local area code, so the resident lets down their guard and picks up the line.

An organization claiming to be collecting money to support a law enforcement group connected with one elderly man on the phone and through mailers to his home.

The resident called the Siskiyou County Sheriff, which said it had no record of the group.

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Until the mid-1990s Scott Valley's economy relied heavily on logging, an industry which is now in decline.Or they tell the victim to mail the payment to an odd-sounding address, again threatening them with arrest if they don't comply.Giordana said that neither tactic represents actions a legitimate organization would take: "That's never going to happen.That's another trick predators use, especially when targeting the elderly who might be less technologically-savvy and more trusting, officials said."Nowadays, telemarketers have the ability to disguise their phone number as a local number," even if it's not, said Giordana.

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