Skin color dating

The confusion forced the people to scatter over the Earth as God intended.

So all the people groups—black Africans, Indo-Europeans, Mongolians, and others—have come into existence since Babel.

In a short time, their descendants would show a whole range of colors, often in the same family.

Figure 5 shows what were called Britain's most amazing twins.

A few hundred years later, people chose to disobey God and to remain united in building a great city, with the Tower of Babel as the focal point of rebellious worship.

For simplicity, let's assume there are only two, , (remember, only one of each A or B pair goes to each sperm or egg) they could only produce children with exactly the same combination of genes as themselves. Likewise, very light people, with m The left side (of the above table) shows the four different gene combinations possible in the sperm from the father and the top gives the combinations possible in the eggs from the mother (remember that a parent can only pass on one of each pair of genes to each sperm or egg).

We locate a particular sperm gene combination and follow the row across to the column below a particular egg gene combination (like finding a location on a street map).

We need to remember, of course, that the way in which genes express themselves is much more complex than this simplified picture.

For example, sometimes certain genes are linked together. Even today, within a particular people group you will often see a feature normally associated with another people group.

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