Sociological research on dating

Christina and James met in college and have been dating for more than five years.For the past two years, they have been living together in a condo they purchased jointly.Both marriage and family create status roles that are sanctioned by society. A husband, a wife, and two children—maybe even a pet—served as the model for the traditional Canadian family for most of the 20th century.But what about families that deviate from this model, such as a single-parent household or a homosexual couple without children? The question of what constitutes a family is a prime area of debate in family sociology, as well as in politics and religion.A family of orientation refers to the family into which a person is born.A family of procreation describes one that is formed through marriage.Social conservatives tend to define the family in terms of structure with each family member filling a certain role (like father, mother, or child).

In other words, families are groups in which people come together to form a strong primary group connection, maintaining emotional ties to one another over a long period of time.

Statistics Canada (2012) reports that the number of unmarried, common-law couples grew by 35 percent between 20 to make up a total of 16.7 percent of all families in Canada.

Cohabitating, but unwed, couples account for 16.7 percent of all families in Canada. With fewer couples marrying, the traditional Canadian family structure is becoming less common.

While Christina and James were confident in their decision to enter into a commitment like a 20-year mortgage, they are unsure if they want to enter into . Neither Christina nor James had seen much success with marriage while growing up. Her parents never married, and her father has had little contact with the family since she was a toddler.

The couple had many discussions about marriage and decided that it just did not seem necessary. Christina and her mother lived with her maternal grandmother, who often served as a surrogate parent.

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