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Every taxon with an eponymous vernacular or scientific name (whether in current usage or not) is listed, followed by a concise biography of the person concerned.

The text is punctuated with intriguing or little-known facts, unearthed in the course of the authors' extensive research.

But Faure does not think that the Romans spread the regular version of the gene into their colonies by breeding with indigenous people.

It appears that the Roman Empire left a legacy that may still affect modern Europe - those living within its conquered lands are more susceptible to HIV.=the Dutch Albertina Catharina Petronella Schlegel (1829–1894) born Pfeiffer, step-daughter of the Dutch professor van Lidth de Jeude Not to be confused with Schlegel's first (also Dutch) wife (often claimed to be her namesake, but her name was) Cornelia Schlegel (1815–1864) born Buddingh, commemorated in the subspecie Cornelia's Eclectus Parrot Eclectus roratus cornelia BONAPARTE 1850 as "Eclectus Cornelia" – explained by Bonaparte himself , in English 1849 (published later in 1850, plate ): "I have named this beautiful bird after H. "Great Egret has been known as Queen Victorias Egret" that I have no comment of. Schlegel's virtous and talented wife, whose quick eye detected the species before professed ornithologists themselves, … The Penguin is named after the Adlie Land, Antarctica which, in its turn, got its name after the wife of Dumont d Urville (more on her in a future thread). the subspecies [of Red-headed Parrotfinch] Erythrura cyaneovirens gaughrani DUPONT 1972 vs . I dont know what to think of this book; to look forward to it or not buy it or not? Mearns I like to see illustrations of the people the birds are named after. Hardback – 576pp – March 2014 – Price 50.00 Considerably expanded wrt Beolens & Watkins 2003 (Whose Bird?), now covering scientific names (including genera and subspecies) in addition to common names. But Eponym Dictionary is not the only one to make this mistake. I just noted the disparity, that all the other Wiki-pages (Ukranian, Bulgarian and Finnish, I think it is) also state his birth to (15 December) 1781.

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