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Only the Miami Marlins, a team with major problems, attracts fewer paying customers.

The basics of the plan are that the Rays would play the first of the baseball season in St.Stu Sternberg, principal owner of the Tampa Bay Rays of the American League East, held a press conference Tuesday afternoon, ostensibly to clarify and sell his idea of splitting his team’s home games between a new ballpark somewhere in the Tampa Bay area and a new ball park in Montreal.(New ballparks mostly paid for, if they ever happen, by you-know-whom.) This monstrosity of an idea was sprung on an unsuspecting Tampa Bay area last Thursday when it was announced that Major League Baseball had given the Rays thumbs up to “explore” this form of athletic polygamy.Said one man that ended up choosing 3 women, and ended up with 1 match and 5 missed matches.The individuals who struggle most are the ones that are way too picky. Bonus and begin your gambling adventure with a win!

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