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He provided the voice for Marlin for the Serbian Finding Nemo, and acted in the Poslednja Nova Godina that same year.

In 2006, he co-wrote the soundtrack and composed Adrenaline Junkie for the American film Undisputed II: Last Man Standing.

, Andonov produced five albums as a solo artist, out of which four reached gold and platinum status in Serbia.

The albums included critically and commercially acclaimed songs that topped the Balkan charts, including Srce, Biću tu, Kad se popnem na binu, Kiša, and Da li imaš pravo?

His first demo recording as a vocal soloist was produced in 1994, although his first public releases date back to 1995, with the album Da li imaš pravo? ) which marked the beginning of the first wave of Serbian hip hop.

His debut album was recorded at Studio Jugodisk and Studio Avalon from 24 October until 10 December 1994, although it was released a year after.

In 2009 City Records launched The Ultimate Collection, which was composed out of his most popular songs at the time.

His DJ-ing style resembled the one of Nigerian-Swedish recording artist Dr. Andonov began his career in 1990 as a founding member in the Yugoslav recording act Project 6, which disbanded in 1993.

He announced that he helped produced the Nisam Ljubomoran (I'm Not Jealous) single by Montenegrin-born singer Vlado Georgiev in his Georgiev's recording studio Barba in 2005.

In 2008, he was cast as Master Monkey, one of the protagonists in the Kung Fu Panda franchise, and dubbed the character in every movie adaptation of Kung Fu Panda.

, winning him three Serbian Oscars of Popularity, an Indexi Award and a World Music Award.

His more recent work incorporates radio friendly melodies, which embark commercial success, including I dalje me žele, Plan B, Kilo koke and Biću tu (20 godina kasnije), winning an Index Award, an Oscar of Popularity and an MTV Platinum Award.

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