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I've found things to like in the many remakes he's tackled, where others, er, weren't so keen.

And I'm now going through the stages of introducing my own kids to his work. Steve Martin was the first leading actor or actress whose work I actively seeked out, back in the days when you had to wait for HMV to do a three for £20 offer on videos, or for the video shop bargain section to get one of his movies back in.

"I've always said the worst thing a man can lose is his teeth.

It's true, I should know" A decent low key thriller this, that's not the best Steve Martin film involving a dental role, but still warrants a look.

It's not an entirely successful one in truth, nor does it stick in the mind too long.

But it does boast an excellent central performance from Martin, as the recluse who finds an orphan on his doorstep one day.

That, or wait for ITV to stick one of his films on.

This, then, is clearly going to be a very subjective countdown we're about to embark on.

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I'm just going to cheat and give you the video of that one. That's no dig, incidentally - I think she makes films that others aren't really tackling, and there's a familiar feel to movies such as , isn't listed here) she teamed him up with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep too, for a light romantic comedy aimed at grown-ups.

A few comedy slapstick moments are thrown in - a comedy dog chase the main one - but this is actually a fairly straight character comedy for the most part, and a warm one. I sprayed it on" A real oddity this amongst the movies that Martin made in the early 1980s.

The sequel, which in turn was based on the earlier movie , is best avoided though. It paired him with director Arthur Hiller, best known for making is quite a sombre film, and one that I recall Martin in an interview agreeing didn't quite work.

In truth, I can fully understand the backlash that appeared - even in pre-internet times - when it was announced that a remake of was on the way. Who could really bring to the screen what Phil Silvers already had, in realising the role of Bilko, the US army's most entertaining scam artist? Helmed by Jonathan Lynn - the series is still a flat-out classic of 50s television, of course. "I would like to take a closer look at your bawls" And whilst I'm taking hits for remakes, I'll say this too: the first of Steve Martin's movies is really quite fun.

I'm not just saying that because Jason Statham's in it, but rather because Martin was clearly having an awful lot of fun playing Inspector Clouseau.

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